Tyler Bishop

Tyler Bishop

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Sport: BJJ
Team: Gracie Humaita

Tyler Bishop is a Gracie Humaita Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt from St. Louis, MO. Tyler holds state, national, and international titles in Brazilian jiu jitsu that in include gold medals in IBJJF, World Pro Jiu Jitsu, and other leading jiu jitsu tournaments. Tyler is also a former amateur MMA champion. In 2007 he became the Beatdown Fighting lightweight champion. Shortly thereafter, Tyler discontinued his MMA career to focus solely on jiu jitsu competition. Tyler is an 8x state absolute champion in his home state of Missouri, and is recognized is one of the Midwests top competitive black belts.

In the past several years, Tyler has become a leading voice in the jiu jitsu community. Tyler co-foudned the popular jiu jitsu research website, BishopBjj.com; where he conducted the first scientifically-validated research study on Brazilian jiu jitsu. Furthermore, Tyler is a regular writer and contributor to both Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine and Jiu Jitsu Magazine. Tyler also is the host of the "Science Of Jiu Jitsu Podcast", a monthly internet podcast for jitsu jitsu enthusiasts. Tyler uses these platforms to advocate for jiu jitsu competition reform, the removal of PED's from competition, and the continued growth of sport jiu jitsu.